Please fill out the on-line form below to be considered for our Parade. We will notify you once you are confirmed. All form fields are required.


TYPE OF UNIT: Please check category that most accurately applies to your marching unit.

UNIT REQUESTS: Honorarium Requests (if applicable): The Associated Irish Societies, Inc. is a dedicated non-profit organization that depends solely on sponsorship and financial support to operate. In order to meet these financial requirements in 2018, we will hold firm all ex gratia payments to participating units at or below those of 2017. This section is reserved for those units that would like to submit a request.  If you fail to enter a Unit Request we are not responsible.

UNIT DESCRIPTIONS: What do you want an announcer to say about your unit?  The Parade Committee does not keep files, photos, etc. of group descriptions from previous parades. Please provide a current brief description/history of your unit with this application that may be used by television announcers during the News 8 WTNH broadcast. If available, please email any photos which may be used in media releases to publicize the parade in various media outlets. Additional comments can be submitted with photos.

PARADE APPLICATIONS: Deadline is Saturday, January 20, 2018. Submission of the parade application after the deadline of January 20, 2018 will be subject to a $50.00 administration fee.

Mandatory Vehicle Information ***Motorized Unit

***No Exceptions: Owners of motorized vehicles participating in the parade are required prior to 3/1/18 to submit a “Certificate of Insurance” with the parade application and must name the Associated Irish Societies, Inc. and the City of New Haven as “Additional Insured” on the specified date of March 11, 2018.

Please email the required  Acord 25 and/or Acord 27 forms to the Coordinator with this application.  Please contact Coordinator if you have any questions!

OVERSIZED VEHICLES: The parade committee will strictly adhere to the following height and width restrictions:  Vehicles can be no wider than 10ft and no taller than 12ft. The parade committee reserves the right to refuse entry of any float/trailer/vehicle that exceeds the stated parameters.

Please make sure your driver(s) is able to present a valid Driver’s License on the day of the Parade. 

AGREEMENT:  I recognize that the Parade is a family-oriented event and by submitting this application we agree to abide by the rules of conduct set forth in the Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day’s Parade Orders for March 11, 2018.