The 100 Club was created in 1991 to honor the memory of

William F. Gallogly, Sr. who spearheaded re-establishing New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1956.

The initial idea was to get 100 people to donate $100 (totaling $10,000) to cover the majority of parade expenses.

In 2020 we are facing an estimated cost of $140,000 to put on the parade, and although a mere 100 people can’t cover the cost any longer, the 100 Club remains a way to lend your support to the Parade.

The parade's goal is to get 100 donors of $100!
We are honoring our special donors here!

Current 100 Club Members Include:

Brian Enright - 2009 GM
Kathleen Reilly - 1989 GM
Joanne Conlan - 2020 Chairwoman
Glenn Conlan - Committee Member
Joe Gerhard and Katie O'Keefe Gerhard - 1996 GM
Judge Charlie Gill 1980 GM
Walter J. Jr. (2011 GM) and Patricia Judge Nester
Cmdr. John R. O'Connor - 1988 GM
Robert C. Shanley - 1987 GM
Tom & Barbara Conroy
Mary Lyng Malenda - 2007 GM
In Memory of Michael McCann - 2009 GM
George Waldron
John O'Donovan - 1976 GM
Finbarr Monynihan - 1984 GM
Pat Johnson and Cathy Johnson - 1969 Miss Irish American
James & Tracy Morrissey
Bill Morris
Joseph V. Prior
Chris Vigilante
Ann Smyth
Edward Donadio and Eileen Sullivan Donadio - 2004 GM

On our way to $10,000

Shamrock thermometer 2500

Ways to Donate


Or, click the button below to make a direct, one-time donation to the Parade via PayPal.